The Facts about Sexual Assault of Men

  1. Sexual assault happens to all genders. Male-identifying survivors, like female-identifying survivors, are survivors of a violent crime and their experience never makes them “less of a man.”
  2. Sexual assault against men is perpetrated by both straight men and gay men. Sexual assault is an act of violence and domination and is in no way related to the sexual orientation of the perpetrator.  Girls and women can sexually abuse men. The survivors are not “lucky,” but exploited and harmed.
  3. Whether he is gay, straight or bisexual, a male-identifying survivor’s sexual orientation is never the cause or the result of sexual abuse.

Adapted from 1in6


1in6 has an online help center in partnership with the Rape Abuse Incest National Network to support male survivors of abuse and assault. This site also has extensive discussion about cultural constructions of masculine identity that may exacerbate the harm male survivors experience from sexual assault. 

Pandora's Project has secure online forums for peer support for male survivors. 

Male Survivor has a resource directory, therapist catalogue, and discussion forums.