There are extensive resources to help you navigate the legal system. You can pursue an Ad Board case at Harvard and a legal case at the same time. Feel free to get in touch with us if you are told otherwise.   

  • Boston Area Rape Crisis Center 

BARCC has legal advocates and case managers who can walk you through your options with respect to the civil courts and the criminal justice system.   

VRLC can provide direct legal representation to survivors as well as walk you through understanding civil legal options. VRLC places an emphasis on serving LGBT survivors, male survivors, and survivors of color. 

RAINN offers advice on communicating with law enforcement and navigating the criminal justice system. 

We highly recommend consulting BARCC or VRLC before embarking on a civil or criminal case. However, you may report an assault to HUPD (617-485-1212) at any time, without having decided to pursue any legal case, and without committing yourself to doing so.