Our Harvard Can Do Better is an undergraduate campaign working to end the institutional and cultural enablers of sexual violence at Harvard through survivor-centric and intersectional advocacy. Our central focus is a campus safe for survivors of all identities, and we believe that a policy under which survivors are supported and abusers face commensurate sanctions is critical to fostering an enduring cultural shift. We advocate for specific resources and support for survivors from historically marginalized communities, including for communities of color and for trans, queer and gender nonconforming survivors, in recognition of the intersections of racism, transphobia, and homophobia and sexual violence that often are not addressed by campus resources. 


Our priorities include: 

  • affirmative consent, a standard requiring that all parties demonstrate, verbally or otherwise, uncoerced willingness throughout sexual activity 


  • fair and commensurate outcomes of the disciplinary process for survivors and perpetrators 


  • systematic and centralized access to informal accommodations for survivors 


  • thorough protections against harassment and violence based on actual or perceived gender identity and gender expression 


  • best practices in Title IX, Clery Act, and SaVE Act compliance 


  • sexual violence trainings for undergraduates all four years 


  • student participation in policy and training design and review


  • creation and promotion of platforms for survivor narratives that are traditionally marginalized 


We would love for you to join us! 

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