[Crimson] Justice for Sexual Assault Victims

"If victims of sexual assault do not have faith in the integrity of the system charged with handling the incident, it is likely that the rates of reportage will fall below their already low level. The ensuing sense of isolation will likely cause victims   to feel disempowered and abandoned. College administrators should be held to a much higher standard than they currently are. The administrators at Amherst need to fundamentally change the way they deal with students so as to provide respectful support to victims in this already difficult process, rather than adding yet another series of obstacles to the situation. We hope to see Amherst drastically revise its policies to reflect the absolute importance of treating sexual assault victims respectfully, and that any college dealing with similar issues to revise their policies drastically as well. In the end, there’s so much stacked against victims of sexual assault, their school should never worsen the problem."

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