New UC working group on sexual assault policy

We were quoted in today's Crimson article about the formation of the new UC working group.  

Read our full statement here: 

  • We (Our Harvard) welcome the active inclusion of as many student voices - especially voices of students with diverse identities - on this issue as possible.  We know that this is also a priority of Gus and Sietse and we are looking forward to using this working group as a springboard for engaging more people in this discussion. 

  • We hope the UC can also draw on our existing network of student cultural and activist organization allies on campus to help foster this diverse dialogue. 

  • Given Harvard's shunning of student input on policy, despite the fact that this policy primarily affects us, we think that the formation of this UC working group is an important step as it provides some formal acknowledgement of the wide consensus among students that current policy needs to change and that student and survivor experience should inform these changes. 

  • We look forward to sharing with the UC our knowledge that's drawn from over two years of close scrutiny of Harvard's policy, as well as comparisons we have conducted with peer institutions. We have begun to share this knowledge in preliminary meetings with Sietse and Gus and will be delighted to welcome the new working group members into these conversations. 

  • Additionally, we are looking forward to sharing our knowledge gleaned from conversations with survivors about what is and isn't working in terms of implementation of current policy, and we hope that accountability to survivors will be a central focus of this working group  

We value the current and previous UC administrations' commitment to this issue. As yesterday's op-ed demonstrated, Harvard's current policy is harming survivors on this campus every day, but we believe that our broad student coalition has the power to bring about the change that needs to happen.