OHCDB Recommendations for University Policy and Procedures Supplements

In October, Our Harvard Can Do Better submitted recommendations to the Title IX Office re: Harvard's university-wide sexual harassment policy and procedures released in July. The purpose of these recommendations was to highlight the areas in which the existing policy and procedures fall short and to attempt to suggest supplemental information or language that would begin to address these shortcomings. 

OHCDB organizers were invited to submit these recommendations in late September when the Title IX Office began the process of drafting their own Q&A, hypotheticals, and other supplementary materials explaining the policy and procedures to the student body. Two months later, this process at the Title IX Office still appears to be ongoing (or stalled). Organizers have been told to expect the first batch of these official supplementary materials in late December.

OHCDB is publishing the full text of its recommendations with the hope that they may serve the wider community as a resource for engaging critically with the current policy and procedures and better understanding the ways in which they address or fail to address student, survivor, and activist concerns. OHCDB's recommendations have not been endorsed by the Title IX Office or the University and their content has not been committed to by the administration. In addition, by submitting recommendations OHCDB in no way means to endorse the (yet to be released) official documents under production by the Title IX Office in supplement to the university policy and procedures. 

The recommendations may be found here.