Clarification about Complainants

Since my name keeps getting mentioned in connection with our filing I want to reiterate that I am not the face of this campaign nor its mouthpiece. I filed - along with Our Harvard Can Do Better - as a proxy to protect the anonymity of survivors. 

The proxy option on the Title IX complaint has not received much media attention because complaints at other schools have often been driven by the narratives of survivors who went public. It as a mark of the oppressiveness of the environment at Harvard that coming forward publicly and by name is unthinkable for many survivors here. 

Many survivors on this campus have been so wounded by the administration that having to reengage with the administration during the OCR investigation process would be an intolerable burden. Our Harvard's work over the past two years has taught us that the status quo is consistently harming survivors and that we need systematic and sweeping change. That's why WE filed.  

~ Emily Fox-Penner