Harvard students invited to contact OCR!

The Office of Civil Rights (OCR) at the US Dept. of Education has opened an investigation into Harvard College's sexual assault policies and practices' compliance with Title IX. Thanks in part to two years of active organizing by students, Harvard administration has recently announced the creation of multiple task forces to address sexual assault policy and prevention. We hope the OCR investigation can provide a mechanism of outside scrutiny and oversight as the College and FAS's internal review processes get underway

Harvard students are invited to share their experiences and insights with the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) during the course of its investigation. Broad student participation will help the OCR evaluate how Harvard can best cultivate a campus climate that feels safe for all students and shape policies that reflect the nuances of an evolving community. Through discussions with a diverse group of undergraduates, the OCR aims to learn how students experience the current state of affairs at Harvard and what we envision as a safe and supportive learning environment going forward

Students are encouraged to speak with the Office of Civil Rights starting today and continuing into the summer and next fall. Survivors can get in touch to seek remedy for previous or on-going violations of Title IX. Other students can share their thoughts on gender discrimination, the campus climate, and policies and procedures. These conversations are confidential and can be anonymous. Students can speak to an OCR investigator on the phone or in person (in the Boston area). 

Please fill out this survey so we can help connect you (as an individual) or your student organization to the OCR. 

Feel free to contact us with any questions.